Saturday, September 28, 2013

52 Photos Project - In The Circle

Circles that kept me sane.

You may ask what is in those circles...  
Well, a couple of years ago on a Friday night in an 
emergency room between the hours of
4pm & Midnight, drawing these circles was the only
thing that kept me sane. Drawing these circles were
a barrier between me and sights & sounds I did
not want to know anything about.



Art waiting to happen.

Big Vibrations

Sunday, September 22, 2013

52 Photos Project -In My Hands

This week was very challenging for me. I had to sit and reflect on why. It is because I don't feel like I have anything in my hands, everything seems to be 'out of my hands'. I feel I have very little, if any, control or influence on things in and around my life. I think this is a perception and probably not 100% true. But it's what came up for me as a considered what to photograph for this weeks prompt. 

So after all that I took a pic of my most treasured Daum crystal piece,

Heart In Hands....

Saturday, September 14, 2013

52 Photos Project - Bright

as crazy as it is the week with the prompt Bright 
it rained for four days, 
not so much off and on but pretty much 
continuously for four days.
(got a bit of blue sky today! whoohooo!) 
so finding bright and shiny things 
was a bit of challenge for me.  

but here's what i have. 
the reflection of head lights in my side mirror through, 
you guessed it, rain drops on my window. 
~ and ~
 a raspberry Blo-Pop glistening on my desk 
to enjoy between calls 
& a close up of said Blo-Pop.
(i still haven't gotten to the bubble gum, but soon.)