Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Scott,  dear God how I miss You...
I feel You in my heart everyday and night.
can it really be a full year?
A winter, a spring, a summer and a fall
have all passed without You, 
So many fools days,
Time change days,
all without You.
Now another birthday without 
my birthday buddy to go on a trip with.
My heart aches for You,
for Your touch,
for Your music,
for Your guidance,
for You,
for You.
To lay in bed with You
and share our days,
our dreams, our thoughts,
our love.
I will honor You tomorrow by 
choosing life,
by taking care of myself.
It's what You would want.
I love You now and forever.
Your angel girl ~


Sunday, October 28, 2012

continuing on

“almost crumbling to the ground, 
she stopped. 
looking at how far she had traveled 
and all 
it had 
taken to get there, 
she recognized her strength. 
the strengths she had inside of her, 
the strength she had gained 
along the way ~ 
her inner power. 
and so, 
she stood up. 
standing tall, 
she faced forward and 
continued on.”

terri st.cloud

Sunday, October 7, 2012