Monday, July 25, 2011

the ego or the heart ~ reposted from May 2010

Every minute of everyday i have a choice of where i will spend the time. 

Will it be in my head... 

Freaking out, in fear, in anger, in hopelessness...

in peace, and believing that everything can and will be alright?   

overall, with eyes open,                                                         
i'm choosing to be in a place of  focused peace         
 and sending healing energy to all involved here... 

with all my love, shiana

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Air week...

Everywhere i turned this week were messages about breathing. Crazy after i struggled to get started with Air.  I'll get my spread up here soon. But in the mean time here is a quote from don Miguel Ruiz.

Focus your attention on your lungs, as if only your lungs existed. 
Feel the pleasure when your lungs expand to 
fulfill the biggest need of the human body; 
to breathe.  
don Miguel Ruiz

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tam's BIG MASSIVE GIVE AWAY has recently surpassed the 5000 members mark which I think is a BIG DEAL! To celebrate this momentous occasion Tam, who is totally fabulous, is doing a BIG MASSIVE GIVE AWAY! Go check out Tam's BIG MASSIVE GIVE AWAY at She'd love to see you! :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Elements ofArt Journaling - Week One Earth

I am really enjoying this course, EoAJ being given by Effy at Wild Precious Studios  I had to sit with earth for a while to find how i related my body to earth. Challenging when one has never really considered this.  Then it came to me in a flash, my body has all of the knowledge from my ancestors. An ancient knowledge that bypasses thoughty head knowledge. My body has deep instincts that when tapped into will guide me away from places that will not sever me and toward the places i want to be and even deeper into who i really am. Thank you Mother Earth.

 one of my favorite parts of this spread is across the top. the edges of the tissue paper layer caught the ink in such a way it looks like the peaks of the amazing Rocky Mountains i've grown up with my whole life. i don't think i could have made it look this cool had i planned it. what would Bob Ross say? 'Happy little accident....'

and now on to Air... 

Elements Journal Cover

i'm playing with Effy, and 80+ other wonderful women, over at Wild Precious Studio,, in Effy's six week class The Elements of Art Journaling!  Here is my outer cover. Yeah, all the usual suspects when it comes to the color. But i did play a bit more than i usually do with collage, stamping with shiny ink and BEADS!   :)

Friday, July 8, 2011


# 31  07.04.11   Blocks II

# 32  07.05.11   Tulips II

# 33  07.06.11   Tulips III


# 23  06.25.11   Fence

# 24  06.26.11   BLOCK LETTERS
             (w/ Z after P, oops ran out of space)

# 25  06.27.11   Watercolor Drips 
                                                         in pink & purple

# 26  06.28.11   BLOCK LETTERS 
                                  (w/ Z after Y as it should be)

# 27  06.29.11   Swirls I
                                              (white out correction pen  w/ water color)

# 28  07.01.11   Swirls II
                                                                   (white out correction pen  w/ water color)

# 29  07.02.11   Tulips I

# 30  07.03.11   Blocks I
                (felt tip pen w/ water color) 


# 16  06.18.11   Feathers  
(this is my favorite so far)

# 17  06.19.11  AbC's

# 18  06.20.11   Wavy Gravy

# 19  06.21.11   Off the Page

# 20  06.22.11   Flower Mandala

# 21  06.23.11   Strings

# 22  06.24.11   Kilroy Lives Here

ICAD # 2

# 8  06.08.11   Hour Glass

# 9  06.09.11   Pink w/ Leaves 
(front & back)

# 10  06.10.11   Diamonds in Silver & Gold

# 11  06.11.11   My Flowers

# 12  06.12.11   Chaos

# 13  06.13.11   Rusty Door

# 14  06.14.11   
Simple Pleasures - My favorite mug

# 15  06.15.11   Purple Houses  
(i want to live on this block)


# 1  05.31.11 Mandala

# 2  06.02.11 Cricles

# 3  06.02.11 Haiku, almost...

# 4  06.04.11 More Circles 

# 5  06.05.11 Prayer Flags   (front & back)

# 6  06.06.11   Haiku

# 7  06.07.11   Tired and cranky...