Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Vortex

This page evolved from the previous pages (The Tapes)
onto the facing page.
Here is page 2 and then both together.

The Tapes...

These pages evolved a bit further.
More tapes and the words in pink are my words
back in time to them, out loud for little debbie
and me.

The Depth of Anger

This was the first page in my book,
created the first night of Leav's group.
After a period of time I did not want it to be
the first image I saw each and every time I
opened my book. I tore it out and part of it
has been incorporated into another page,
I'm sure it will continue to show up in various
places and mutations along the way.
I'm very happy I have this picture of it
in all of its red angry glory.